Jefferson's Historical Highlights

1796- Gideon Granger, Postmaster General of U.S., is allotted Jefferson Township as his share of purchase of Western Reserve Lands

1800- Jefferson Township surveyed into lots of 320-acres each

1804- Eldad Smith, land agent for G. Granger, erected a log cabin on south bank of Mill Creek and cleared path to Austinburg

1805- Granger laid out township lands into a village, establishing streets and street names, village squares and greens

1808- First post office established, corner North Market and Walnut streets

1809- First school, taught in summer by Betsey Hubbard

1817- Subscription library began at cost of $10 per share

1820- First hotel built in village by Quintus Atkins, situated on northeast corner of Jefferson and Chestnut streets

1822- T.R. Hawley provides gift of one acre of land at Market and Ashtabula streets to begin first burial grounds in village

1824- Jefferson School Association was incorporated to build an academy

1831- Ferris Webster built first hotel on SW corner of Jefferson and Chestnut streets

1835- Baptist Church dedicated, July 4; Congregational Church also built

1836- Jefferson Village was incorporated by the state legislature, April 5; Jonathon Warner chosen as first mayor

1837- Fire Department established as Phoenix Hose Co., later renamed to Wade Hose Co., now known as Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department

1841- First public school building was built on lot of Episcopal church

1847- Jefferson Library Association was incorporated

1848- First Methodist Church building in village erected

1853- The Ashtabula Sentinel newspaper was moved to Jefferson by William Cooper Howells

1854- First Town Hall erected on East Jefferson Street

1864- First National Bank established

1869- Jefferson Savings & Loan started

1870- Jefferson Educational Institute building erected at SE corner of Jefferson and Chestnut streets

1872- Railroad service began to Jefferson on Franklin Division of the Lake Shore and Southern Michigan Railroad. Jefferson Depot built.

1876- Cornerstone laid for Trinity Episcopal building; The Gazette moved from Madison to Jefferson; Catholic church erected, later rebuilt as St. Joseph's on same site

1879- Two- story, brick Town Hall built on E. Jefferson Street; Iron bridge over creek in cemetery completed

1883- Citizens Library Association formed and housed on first floor of Town Hall

1885- Jefferson Police Department organized and officers appointed.

1888- New Jefferson Educational Institute high school built, lower grades began using older building

1901- First gas piped into village from field west of town

1902- Electric trolley service (Pennsylvania & Ohio Interurban) reached Jefferson from Ashtabula

1906- The "Big Fire" - More than on dozen businesses destroyed on East side of North Chestnut Street, lead to start of village water system

1908- Public water plant built with dam on Mill Creek; First water tank built behind Town Hall

1908- Sanitary sewers were installed, residents have first indoor plumbing

1909- New fire hall and library building built on site of Town Hall

1910- JEI became Jefferson High School

1912- Paving of village streets began; Sewer connections made to homes

1920- Chamber of Commerce organized

1923- P&O Trolley ceased operation

1927- Fire destroyed Town Hall; Electric power plant sold to CEI

1929- Town Hall rebuilt using remains of walls of same on destroyed by fire

1930- New High School opens on corner of S. Market and E. Jefferson St.; Additions added in 1953 & 1957; Original 1870 building still in use as part of the school

1936- Village Centennial celebrated; First Nazarene Church built

1950- First Chief of Police appointed, and first patrol car purchased

1952- St. Paul's Lutheran Church built

1956- Passenger service on rail line ceased

1959- New post office built on West Jefferson Street

1960- Fire destroyed row of businesses on west side of North Chestnut Street

1962- New Jefferson High School opened at west end of village

1965- New fire hall built at Jefferson and Market streets

1972- Henderson Memorial Public Library opened

1973- Old fire hall demolished and bell removed, reset at new fire hall

1975- Jefferson Emergency Rescue District founded with volunteer crew

1978- JERD moved into new quarters at Safety Center

1988- Village goes to court to establish public green boundaries

1997- Building for Community Center purchased by village and renovated

1998- Jefferson Community and Recreation Center opened

2008- New Jefferson Elementary opened

2009- New Jefferson Area High School opens