Our History

The History of The Jefferson Historical Society & The Trinity Episcopal Church

The Growth and Formation of The Jefferson Historical Society

The Henderson Memorial Library, adjacent to the Trinity Church, purchased the building in 2000 to be used for lectures and other library activities. The Jefferson Play -School rented out and remodeled the back portion for several years.

After the playschool disbanded, the building remained empty.

In December of 2005, a group of concerned citizens, learning that the building might be moved, altered or destroyed, formed the Jefferson Historical Society and purchased the Trinity Church Building. Through special arrangements with the library, the building was purchased interest-free for $100,000 to be paid back over ten years. The name "Trinity Church Building" was chosen for the home of the Jefferson Historical Society.

Within the first seven months of its existence, the Society had 250 members. Community involvement and commitment have revealed the interest and excitement of our residents in preserving this historical building and Jefferson's rich history.

The first official meeting of the Jefferson Historical Society's officers and trustees took place on March 13th, 2006.

The official dedication of the building, sign and flagpole took place on Sunday, July 23, 2006.

Representatives from area clubs, businesses, community members and village officials were present.

Our official historical society sign placed in front of the church was given in honor or in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Waters, John Ducro, Genevieve Hamilton and Jim and Wilma Hamilton.

The Jefferson Rotary Club presented the society with the flag and the flagpole and a local business, King Luminaire, donated the installation and light for the flag.

The historical society is restoring the interior of the building according to the 1923 time period of the church. The back room is now the research room where donated artifacts are recorded and stored for viewing.

Jefferson Historical Society's Beginning A Huge Success

It is important to note that our society does not charge admittance to its events. Our policy is that we desire to enable individuals and families to attend any event they chose without concern for finances.

During the first year and a half of its existence, the society has held monthly fundraising events except during the winter months. Membership fees, donations, 100's of potholders, concerts, displays, collections, rummage sales, quilt raffles, handmade items, special speakers and many, many pasta bowl meals and bake sales have enabled the society to exceed its first year mortgage payment.

We have hosted Christmas Scenes shows, Collector's shows, photography shows, auctions and many other events to help pay off our mortgage. Our members have grown and have enthusiastically supported our events, our goals and our needs.

Our volunteers are many and they eagerly donate their time, money and resources.

The history of the Jefferson Historical Society is a short one but together we look forward to many rewarding and full years of recording, presenting and preserving the history of our village so that it will not be lost to its present and future generations.